Candidates 2019

Springfield Township will be voting for Commissioner in odd numbered Wards 1, 3, 5 and 7. Commissioners serve as the legislative body of the township and also play a large role in its administrative activities. They are responsible for interfacing with constituents and acting as their agents. For information on the duties of a Township Commissioner, see the Township Commissioners Handbook.

We have a full slate of Democratic candidates running for Commissioner in 2019: Westy Westergaard, Rose Fasciocco, Pasquale Cipolloni and Marie Turnbull. See their website, Springfield Forward, and like them on Facebook. With your help, we can Turn Springfield Blue!

At the County and State level, we have a full slate of endorsed Democratic candidates:
County Council
Christine Reuther
Elaine Paul Schaefer
Monica Taylor

Judge, Court of Common Pleas
Kelly Eckel
Stephanie Klein
Rick Lowe
Nusrat Rashid

District Attorney
Jack Stollsteimer

Pennsylvania Superior Court
Daniel McCaffery
Amanda Green-Hawkins