Committee by Precinct

If you are a Springfield Township Democrat and you want greater transparency, fairness, diversity and accountability in Springfield’s government, become a Committee Person. For more information, review the Precinct Committee Person Guide & Resources, prepared by the Delaware County Democratic Party. A strong Committee is vital to ensuring the success of the Springfield Democratic party, and in turn, the County and State Parties!

The current Committee is shown below.

Springfield Democratic Committee – Revised January 2019

First Name
Last Name
12JohnFarley11 Powell
13WestyWestergaard211 Wayne
22PatriciaDavis1053 West
22PatriciaTurner440 Glendale
23LarryHealy711 Lehann
23KarenMcCunney625 Andrew
31MichelleJeffrey335 Holt
31BradfordBitting618 Prospect
31JenniferO'Mara618 Prospect
32EmilioBuitrago315 Myrtle
32HeatherSchumacher18 Waverly
32JeffreyDonia315 Myrtle
33RoseFasciocco939 Rocklynn
41NancyBaulis59 Shelburne
41MandySantiago276 Orchard
41JeremyFearn276 Orchard
41MaryMcAvinue86 Shelburne
42JeanetteHerrington449 Maplewood
42JennySnyder439 Wheatsheaf
43MarkBernstein307 S. Rolling
43BonnyHodges17 S Hillcrest
43EvanBradley31 Saxer
51DavidRussell424 Foulke
51NicoleCipolloni269 Hemlock
51PasqualeCipolloni269 Hemlock
52ErinKennedy-Rogers230 N. Rolling
52PamelaMitchell144 N. Highland
53RaymondSantarelli46 Old State
53GeneLites425 Southcroft
53AnnelieDimaio100 Old State
61MikeKellar468 Hawarden
63BillLewis154 Wood
63RayWright150 Wood
63RebeccaEpp315 N. Norwinden
64AnnmarieTalvacchio243 Taylor
64ClaudiaMaines152 Scenic
64InaShea319 Madison
72MargaretHilsbos696 Old School House
72MarieTurnbull510 Sharpless