Committee by Precinct

If you are a Springfield Township Democrat and you want greater transparency, fairness, diversity and accountability in Springfield’s government, become a Committee Person. For more information, review the Precinct Committee Person Guide & Resources, prepared by the Delaware County Democratic Party. A strong Committee is vital to ensuring the success of the Springfield Democratic party, and in turn, the County and State Parties!

The current Committee is shown below.

Springfield Democratic Committee – Revised April, 2020

First Name
Last Name
12JohnFarley11 Powell Rd610-543-3845
13WestyWestergaard211 Wayne Ave419-215-4518
22PatriciaDavis1053 West Ave267-481-1575
22PatriciaTurner440 Glendale Cir610-328-2537
23LarryHealy711 Lehann Cir610-716-7076
23KarenMcCunney625 Andrew Rd610-529-4081
31MichelleJeffrey335 Holt Lane
31BradfordBitting618 Prospect Rd610-308-3849
31JenniferO'Mara618 Prospect Rd610-909-4128
32EmilioBuitrago315 Myrtle Ave610-457-7975
32HeatherSchumacher18 Waverly Ave215-301-6165
32JeffreyDonia315 Myrtle Ave
33RoseFasciocco939 Rocklynn Rd610-496-0953
41NancyBaulis59 Shelburne Rd610-543-2117
41MandySantiago276 Orchard Rd215-901-1775
41JeremyFearn276 Orchard Rd
41MaryMcAvinue86 Shelburne Rd610-328-5859
42JeanetteHerrington449 Maplewood Rd610-477-2402
42JennySnyder439 Wheatsheaf Lane215-740-6301
43MarkBernstein307 S. Rolling Rd610-639-3389
43EvanBradley31 Saxer Ave610-604-3356
51DavidRussell424 Foulke Lane610-328-5791
51NicoleCipolloni269 Hemlock Lane609-408-5441
51PasqualeCipolloni269 Hemlock Lane215-394-7665
52PamelaMitchell144 N. Highland Rd610-316-0530
53RaymondSantarelli46 Old State Rd215-806-6286
53GeneLites425 Southcroft Rd215-821-5761
53AnnelieDimaio100 Old State Rd
61MikeKellar468 Hawarden Rd
63BillLewis154 Wood Rd610-543-5230
63RayWright150 Wood Rd267-825-3388
63RebeccaEpp315 N. Norwinden Dr
64AnnmarieTalvacchio243 Taylor Rd
64ClaudiaMaines152 Scenic Rd610-543-2976
64InaShea319 Madison Rd610-220-8133
72MargaretHilsbos696 Old School House Dr484-432-8282
72MarieTurnbull510 Sharpless Rd610-724-4979
73JosephGordon46 Meetinghouse Lane202-445-9443
73CatherineReimer684 Beatty Rd610-416-3790