Our Committee is formed from Democrats from each Precinct within the seven Wards of Springfield Township. Committee members are elected during off-year Primary Elections and serve a 4-year term. Each Precinct has two elected members, and may also have up to two more at large members. Members may be appointed to fill vacancies by the existing Committee throughout the year.

Our Committee follows the By-Laws of the Delaware County Democratic Party , as well as Pennsylvania and National Democratic Party Rules. Our members are tasked with growing and strengthening the Democratic Party as a whole, and Springfield Township in particular. We canvass our neighborhoods to educate voters about Democratic candidates and to encourage election turnout. We assist at the polls on election day by staffing our neighborhood polling places.

Committee members also participate in the Delaware County Democratic Party by vetting candidates at Committee meetings and neighborhood meet & greet events. And, we participate in endorsement processes at both the local and County levels.

Our current Committee list is shown below. For more details about the duties of a Committee member, review the Committee Member Guide, prepared by the Delaware County Democratic Party.

If you are a Springfield Township Democrat, and you want greater transparency, fairness, diversity and accountability in Springfield’s government, contact us for information about becoming a Committee member. A strong Committee is vital to ensuring the success of the Springfield Democratic party, and in turn, the County and State Parties!

Springfield Democratic Committee

Ward 1

Ward 5

Precinct 1-1
Drew Melbourne
Precinct 5-1
Pasquale Cipolloni
Dave Russell
Precinct 1-2
John Farley
Precinct 5-2
Cory Cehlar
Erin Kennedy-Rogers
Karen Krogh
Amy Wall-Monte
Precinct 1-3Precinct 5-3
Brain Rhodes
Ray Santarelli

Ward 2

Ward 6

Precinct 2-1
Ryan Hennessy
Precinct 6-1
Emily Holmes
Mary Kate Libassi
Precinct 2-2
Patti Davis
Precinct 6-2
Precinct 2-3
Larry Healy
Karen McCunney
Chris Nielsen
Precinct 6-3
Precinct 6-4
Terrence Casey
Claudia Maines
Kristen Runge
Ina Shea

Ward 3

Ward 7

Precinct 3-1
James Bergman
Brad Bitting
TJ DeLuca
Jennifer O'Mara
Precinct 7-1
Precinct 3-2
Emilio Buitrago
Jeff Donia
Phil Morrison
Heather Schumacher
Precinct 7-2
Margaret Hilsbos
Marie Turnbull
Precinct 3-3
Rose Fasciocco
Precinct 7-3
Kevin Holsapple
Katie Reimer

Ward 4

Precinct 4-1
Nancy Baulis
Blakeley Decktor
Pat Imbriglia
Candice Post
Precinct 4-2
Jeanette Herrington
Precinct 4-3
Mark Bernstein
Evan Bradley
Bonny Hodges