Voter Resources

There are several ways to vote in every election, by mail, at the Board of Elections, or in person at your polling place on Election Day. For details on voting in Pennsylvania, see the official Pennsylvania election and voter information website, or go to Delco Votes!

Polling Locations

Click here for a map of Springfield Township by Ward and Precinct. Then, find your polling location below.

11Springfield Library
12Springfield Township Building
13Springfield Township Building
21Volkswagen of Springfield, 300 Baltimore Pike
22Scott Kia, 321 Baltimore Pike
23Volkswagen of Springfield, 300 Baltimore Pike
31Sabold Elementary School, Thomson Ave near Baltimore Pike
32Public Works Bldg., 1258 Church Road
33Tree of Life Church, 933 Baltimore Pike,
41Springfield High School
42Old Central School, Saxer Avenue & Ballymore Road
43Springfield Fire House, Saxer Avenue & Powell Road, enter off of Powell Road
51Friends Meeting House, Old Marple Rd
52Church of the Redeemer, W. Springfield & W. Hillcrest Rds.
53Friends Meeting House, Old Marple Rd
61Springfield Baptist Church, N. Norwinden Drive
62Springfield Baptist Church, N. Norwinden Drive
63Scenic Hills Schools, Hillview Drive
64Scenic Hills Schools, Hillview Drive
71Spring Valley, 400 W. Woodland Avenue
72New Destiny Christian Center, 538 Wesley Road
73Springfield Country Club, 400 W. Sproul Road

Vote By Mail

Everyone in Pennsylvania is eligible to vote by mail. Apply for your mail-in or absentee ballot here. Make sure you complete the ballot in blue or black pen, fill in the bubbles completely, insert the ballot in the inner secrecy envelope before inserting it in the outer envelope, and sign the voter declaration on the outer envelope. Ballots can be mailed via USPS or placed in any ballot drop box in Delaware County. Springfield Township has a ballot drop box outside the Library.

Vote in Person at a Delaware County Board of Elections (BOE) Office

You may apply for, complete, and return your mail-in ballot in person at a Delaware County Board of Elections (BOE) office in Media. It is recommended you bring a form of ID and your completed application for a mail-in or absentee ballot with you. If you do not have a ballot application, one will be provided.

You may also vote at the BOE if you’ve already applied for a mail-in ballot but haven’t yet received it. The staff will void your first application, supply you with a new one, and allow you to complete it and submit it while you are at the office.