A Letter to the Editor


October 12, 2013

Springfield Press
1914 Parker Avenue
Holmes, PA 19043

Re: Letter to the Editor

Dear Neighbors and Voters,

I am the Democratic candidate for Springfield Township’s Commissioner – 4th Ward. I am running for office, because I am concerned by the Township’s never-ending cycle of tax increases, sweetheart business deals and lack of transparency.

As a social worker, small business owner and professional fundraiser for non-profit organizations I know how important it is to minimize expenses and diversify funding streams.

A for-profit company has file an SEC report; a non-profit has file an IRS 990 form, which are both available to the public. But if I want to know how much Springfield Township spends on personnel or equipment costs, I have to file an Open Records request and wait weeks – or possibly months – for a response.

Why is the Township afraid to post job descriptions, budgets and voting records on its website? As residents and voters, we have a right to know how our tax dollars are being spent and to hold our Board of Commissioners accountable.

I believe if the Township becomes proactive in applying for available grants, it can help prevent future tax increases or lower tax bills for residents who are unemployed, disabled or living on a fixed income.

Thank you for your time and consideration. For additional information about my campaign and stance on important issues, please visit www.smartvoter.org.


Mandy Santiago

Candidate for Commissioner – 4th Ward
Springfield Township
276 Orchard Road
Springfield, PA 19064
(215) 901 – 1775