Another Historic Victory – Thank You!


Two years ago I wrote the note below thanking all who turned out in support of our candidates.

This year, we again turned out record numbers of voters here in Springfield, and although our Commisioner candidates did not prevail, we once again contributed to the success at the county level.  The sweep of the county council, common pleas court and district attorney races sends a clear message that the people of Delaware County desire people in government that will truly be working in their best interests.

Thanks again for voting, and contributing to that success!


Yesterday, for the first time ever, Democrats won election at the county level.

Zidek and Madden were elected to county council, and Sanders, Phillips, and Walk were also elected to county office.  To all of you who turned out in support of our candidates, thank you.

Although local candidates Hodges and Mulholland were not successful, we can’t help but break into our happy dance in celebration of this historic victory.

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