Zoning Meeting Notice – Proposed Development at Baltimore Pike and Leamy Ave


Review of the proposed plan began at the March 25th Zoning Meeting and will continue at the April 22nd meeting at 7:30 pm. This development is also on the Agenda for the May Planning Commission meeting. The township has just updated the AV equipment for the large meeting room. Hopefully the broadcast on Comcast and Verizon will have better audio.

The plan to redevelop the current Parkway Inn property at 675 Baltimore Pike includes both a Super Wawa and a Bank of America branch. This project will impact all residents of Springfield, Morton and the surrounding area.

Note that the plan will require a number of variances, including for impervious coverage, which will impact flooding potential in areas below Baltimore Pike which already experience issues, and signage, which has been a contentious issue along Baltimore Pike in the past.

There are also substantial traffic flow changes proposed for the intersection of Baltimore Pike and Leamy Ave/Providence Rd.

No alternative to in-person attendance is available other than the TV broadcasts. Planning Commission meetings have in the past not been broadcast. Objections should be directed to your commissioner. Public notices are also posted at springfielddelco.org